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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2005|04:51 pm]

--e3 was a fucking blast-- i must say, when you roll with the #1 video games entertainment company in the world it has some perks.

even though i had to work, i had a rockin time in LA. i met some celebrities, industry icons, and cool people from my own company, partied my ass off, hung out with old friends from houston, and TOOK SO MANY PICTURES OF BOOTH BABE'S ASSES.

i wont go into specifics relating work, but i will post a photo album soon. what i will say is: I MET STAN LEE, FATHER OF COMIC BOOKS. thats right. i met stan lee and expressed my respect and regard for his contributions into the lives of geeks and non-geeks everywhere. i even showed him my tattoo of the green goblin. he was shocked, to say the least. now, im sure that every other redneck has a tattoo of spider man, but they dont have a tat of the green goblin ( as drawn by alex ross) and flawlessly tattooed by one of houston's finest.

things well besides...some staffing shakeups at work, but fine nonetheless.

met up with tina a few weeks ago and had a great time at spiderhouse cafe...somehow she managed to make it through my armageddon rants and raves.  weve decided that i will help her find a guy that has the fortitude she is looking for.  it will be interesting....

look forward to practice sunday.  dustin is without his amp, so he may not show.  but we can still jam without him.

tired.  need energy.





breaktime [May. 8th, 2005|12:58 pm]
moved 97% of the house so far. just little things and cleaning left. we had a lot of help from taunyas co workers of whom im terribly grateful. we move almost everything friday night. that was fun. in the middle of moving, all the sprinklers came on. weeeeee. after we were done, we ate pizza and drank beer. smoked some reef and hung out for a couple of hours. now im just arranging everything and getting ready for the next work week.

my gratitude is flowing well this month.

our new place is definelty better now that there is more room. the floorplan is strange and it gives a quirky feel to our home. i feel a really good vibe in here. ive asked taunya not to smoke in this place because it is so nice. were going to have to work together on that one. so, im gonna have to buy a buncha plants.

i love my life. i love everything in it. i love taunya, our home, our idiot pets, my job, whats left of my family, the weather, my freinds, and those who arent but help me anyway.

the phone company fucked our phones first. then they didnt change the dsl lines. then they told me that they didnt upgrade my service after i paid them for it a week ago. im gonna have to find someone in charge and deposit my suggestion into his box as forcibly as possible.

this week, i intend to visit with tina. i do believe that in delaying our meeting ive been able to communicate my expectations. establishing a link with tina, while is something i hope to accomplish, will prove an interesting project. how does one re-integrate an (ex is the best word i know) ex into their lives when married? i would think that any rational woman would immediately announce the futility and hopelessnes of the sitiuation....then begin to quote oprah as if it were mantra. it is a prickly situation that i, in all my libran glory, think that i can balance out. ive asked a few women their opinions and most of them say that either im an idiot or that im lying about something. see the terrible reputation that men make for themselves? what kind of choice is that? unfortunately, my ability to read and react to polling data is quite poor. i desire a freindship with a woman besides my wife simply because i dont have one. taunya has a very close freind (who is a guy) that she talks to regularly. they are very close and share everything. in some cases, she confides in him things about our marriage. he, somehow, is able to give his own opinion of the situation without any selfish bias or desire to manipulate the situation to his favor. this is exactly what im looking for. truth be known, im looking for it whether or not tina is in the picture. but i think thats why weve bumped into each other again. who knows?

just as a sidenote, about men. we have destroyed our reputation as chivalrous gentlemen. there are those men who know their role and they are branded by the stereotype. i want to be the one that breaks the sterotype's back. a compound fracture. there are some men whose loyalty and integrity are forces to be reckoned with.

(no subject) [May. 6th, 2005|10:28 am]
bad day so far. first day of moving. phone service transferred one day too soon. missed conference call. boss understanding but not happy. FUCK.

im ready to have this move done. im getting cranky. i need muh weed.

boo-jwa [May. 2nd, 2005|07:47 pm]
were on an ocean

i have a yacht called incisor

and we all bob and weave

upon the top of the american sea

do you have a boat?

i dont care what the name is

its important to sail

but just so long as its not with me

im glad i bought this compass

im rich so i forgot the price

i heard you dont have one

because you couldnt afford the fee

this map will guide my sail

to help me stay on my course

not only do you not have one

but your school didnt teach you how to read

my kids have matching shirts

and life-vests to keep them safe

you should have some for yourself

did you spend your money on weed?

i have this elongated eyeglass

to see the dangerous reefs ahead

looks like you cant afford to get

the things that help you to proceed

your family seems to be hungry

good thing i dont have to worry

but if i had forgotten my food

id be in a sorry state, indeed

the evenings on this ocean

become cold and wind blows all over

the blankets that i bought for us

protect us from wind, whatever the speed

you people are so strange

what are you doing with no yacht

especially clothes or food or

compasses or things that help you to succeed?

you should go where you belong

and stop trying to sail with our yachts

you should have known better to try

when you know you dont have the money

your job shouldnt pay for yachts

nor should it pay for compasses or shirts

your money should be just enough

to take care of you and your family

this is a good deal for us all because

you can fix our boats for us always

well get to discover the earth's vast riches

and youll make just enough to get all that you need

things [Apr. 30th, 2005|04:22 pm]
[Current Mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[Current Music |bloodlet-the seraphim fall]

just got back from washing my car. it works again, thanks to scott. scott is really an angel in disguise. without him, id have no ac or a radiator. so cheers to scott.

so just yesterday i got an email from an old freind.  tina, as she is known in the inner cities, got in touch with me through freindster.com.  it was really great talking to her again because i thought that i fucked off our freindship, as i am prone to doing.  as it turns out, she felt the same way about me.  so it was an even-steven.  we both felt like fucks and we were wrong.  so, now were in the process of catching up and im looking forward to meeting her for a beer.  her and i were commenting briefly on how things ended up the way they did and how we got here.  (in case i havent mentioned, i was seeing tina for a period of time)  its funny....i cant remember when we met or through what circumstances we met....maybe she remembers.  she was going to an out of state college and our relationship was largely correspondence via phone.  that time of my life was pretty fucked.  i had emotional problems and there were issues with the family.  i felt kind of lost....who doesnt at 19?  tina was so fabulous that i got attached probably before i should have.  and, due to my emotional teeter tottering, had unreal expectations of her.  upon returning to college, things went ok.  i remember feeling upset that we didnt have an oppurtunity to see each other during the holidays.  i remember feeling rejected and wondering what i could have possibly done in all my perfection to NOT want to be seen by her.  alas, my poor ego reeled.  so in true dickhole fashion, i mentally told her to go bite the big one and "chunked her the proverbial deuce".  basically i turned the tina switch off and went about my business.  luckily for me,  i realized all this during a lot of introspection after watching a series of john cusack movies.  despite all the miscommunication, we we had a great frendship.  SO... tina and i didnt talk from 1999 until now. (i think)  now that weve re-established our "link" and unloaded all our baggage---which is truly outstanding---we have an oppurtunity to play a role in each others lives again.  this is one of those things where i say that there is some kind of plan that we are unaware of.  not only do i get closure and can forgive myself for being a dick, but i can start over and be less of a dick. 

have i mentioned how cool my wife is?  no?  ok.  taunya has known all along about tina and what happened (my take and what i thought the real deal was).  now. ordinarily, most women would take this oppurtunity to begin getting a little territorial and nutty.  well...its warranted.  its hard when you know your spouse is in touch with someone they had a history with.  its just trick, thats all.  any normal person whould concede that.  upon learning that tina and i were getting in touch, taunya made the point that tina and i should get together and catch up.  isnt that rad?  lets just say that i know how i woud feel about taunya going and catching up with jay or billy.  i would likely want to choke them and kick them on the tops of their feet.  but i am a civilized and domesticated man.  i will knit them placemats instead.  its hard not to feel insecure or perhaps a twinge of jealousy.  its just one more reason to be grateful.  every day i find another reason to love her. 

work is going good and im not talking about it lest i fuck it up.

went to inquire about freemasonry to the local lodge.  havent made up my mind yet.  im going to a few more meetings in order to properly make a desicion. 

first heard about alex jones yesterday.. this guy scared the crap out of me.  only because he reinforced some things that ive been thinking for a while now.  see prevoious entries for more info.  but he didnt say anything i havent already heard. 

matt, dustin, and i are still jamming.  dustin is taking some time off to go to friggin italy for a month.  nice.  but as far as music, things are good and i need to step things up.

ok...need shower


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